About us

Who writes the NCP blog?

The NCP blog is written by our team at NCP. NCP is a technology leader in remote access VPN and has supported companies with products for secure remote access for over 35 years. Through our blog, we want to help network administrators, CISOs and anyone interested in IT to stay up to date on relevant IT security issues. Our team of authors consists of security experts, industrial analysts and other IT specialists.

What topics are covered on the NCP blog?

The NCP blog delivers analysis and commentary on all topics relevant to network security, such as remote access, endpoint security, cybercrime, compliance, VPN technology, remote working, data protection and privacy.

What is the vision behind the NCP blog?

We would like to offer our visitors informed commentary and analysis, practical advice and security tips on current news and developments in network security.

Does the blog intend to promote NCP VPN solutions?

No, NCP products are explicitly not advertised on our blog. We write our posts from a neutral perspective without any interest of self-promotion.

Can you tell me more about NCP?

NCP has developed pioneering software for secure data communication for over 35 years in Nuremberg, Germany. As a market-leading technology provider for powerful enterprise VPN, NCP delivers next generation remote access solutions for international customers in commercial and public sectors– from home office connectivity to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), smart maintenance and managed services to secure data transmission that meets regulatory approval (BSI VS-NfD).