Hafnium is out there

Many people thought that the SolarWinds hack couldn't be topped when it hit the news. But truth be told, just when you think things can’t get any worse, there is always another disaster waiting around the corner with the Hafnium attack flashing up red alerts across social media ...

Information security for IoT 101

Haven’t we got more important things to talk about than information security for IoT? Perhaps, but only because IoT has so far largely flown under the radar of many attackers. At least, apart from hacked IP cameras, pacemakers and baby monitors. IoT devices are generally small, ...

The end of Emotet

We've all pretty much gotten used to the fact that malware isn’t likely to go away any time soon. Malware only usually makes the headlines these days if it causes substantial damage or is particularly severe. During the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve mostly heard about malware ...

Privacy shield is riddled with holes

It’s official: The Privacy Shield is a mess of gaping holes and was officially declared invalid in mid-July. Although the report itself has already been buried in the media, companies and organizations will struggle with the impact for a long time to come. In a nutshell: ...

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