IT security for Industrial Internet of Things

In the future, more and more devices, systems and equipment will be networked under the vision of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The main thrust of digitalization and networking is increasing efficiency and flexibility in industrial processes. Almost the entire industrial value chain is saturated with complex IT infrastructures with mobile and stationary components.

IT security is one of the most critical factors in this area as damage caused by manipulation and illegal data access can quickly reach catastrophic proportions. Many manufacturers are choosing IT security made in Germany as an important quality factor.

From production and logistics right down to individual machine parks, IT security in industrial environments means secure, encrypted communication between all networked components with strong authentication methods. The devastating consequences of unauthorized access can range from the loss of sensitive data, the manipulation of production data or even an entire plant shutdown.

The scenarios which require secure data communication in IIoT infrastructures are as numerous as they are diverse.

  • Remote access to machines and systems for remote maintenance
  • Intelligent automated data acquisition and data transmission in warehouse logistics
  • Data communication between ATMs and the central banking system
  • Data exchange of passenger information at bus stops and in public transport vehicles

These are just some examples of networked communication processes in IIoT. What they have in common, however, is the urgent need for encrypted communications between all networked components with the company offices. Due to the different interfaces and requirements, there are no standard solutions which cover all IT security scenarios. However, NCP’s IIoT solutions cover a wide range of scenarios.

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