Progress through partnership

A VPN needs both a client and remote gateway. While NCP offers a complete solution with Secure Enterprise Client and Secure Enterprise VPN Server, some manufacturers only develop their own gateways. Client software is then purchased from another company such as NCP. This type of cooperation is rare in the security sector, as the compatibility of the products is very important and may not meet all the requirements of a given scenario. This is not the case at NCP which shows that partnerships without compromise can be achieved in the security sector. NCP has been working with Juniper Networks for many years and this partnership recently reached a new level of cooperation. The two companies have announced the launch of a total Remote Access VPN solution. Juniper Networks’ VPN and Networks® SRX Series Firewalls are now compatible with NCP’s Exclusive Remote Access Clients. The software supports many platforms including Windows and Mac computers, laptops and mobile devices. Android and iOS versions will be released soon.

The solution includes NCP Secure Enterprise Management (SEM), which completely automates remote access to the corporate network and certificate distribution. It also includes one-click user and device management. Access rights can also be managed quickly and easily. In addition, the client solution features a dynamic personal firewall, an integrated Internet connection manager for Wi-Fi, 3G/4G LTE, VPN bypass, and NCP's patented Path Finder technology. Juniper has been active in the firewall and router market for a long time. For the SRX firewall, which is based on virtual machines, the NCP VPN Gateway is an optimal extension. This offers a security gateway with a firewall with Unified Threat Management, intrusion prevention, and application control and which can also provide a protected path to the LAN and integrated management in one solution. Through NCP's many years of experience with VPN, Juniper customers benefit from a best-of-breed solution in a complete package – the best of both worlds.

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