NCP-Talk with René - International Sales Manager

Tell us a bit about your-self: After completing my studies and working at an architectural firm as an engineer and draftsman I had a keen interest in the challenges of networking (distributed rendering) and security as these tools became more prevalent.

I made the switch to IT security and then later joined NCP engineering in 2001 as an International Pre-/Post Sales Support & System Engineer.  My international upbringing and background together the technical experience made the later switch to the role of International Sales a natural step.

You've been with NCP for over 20 years now. What have been your highlights so far?

Embarking on projects with- or providing training workshops to fellow enthusiastic system-/sales engineers and interacting with different stakeholders all over the world ranging from Iceland to New Zealand.  Highlights typically are sharing- and exchanging knowhow as well discovering different cultural backgrounds.

You also changed from System Engineer to Sales Manager. How did that come about and what were your motives?

When the opportunity presented itself, I took on the exciting challenge of transitioning to the role of International Sales Manager. Having the technical knowledge and the experience under my belt from the years as the International System Engineer proved to be beneficial in the cross-functional role to also advise prospects on both technical as well as commercial levels towards achieving their objectives.

How has the IT security industry changed in recent years?

It's fascinating to see how new technologies emerge and are touted to make existing tried and trusted technologies obsolete almost overnight.  Although it's exciting to see these new advances being made (a facet that makes this industry so interesting) there is also something to be said for technologies that have stood the test of time and have matured with the scrutiny of many users over the years if not decades.  Even better is when new concepts or components can be merged and integrated to enhance the existing offerings and technologies driving towards a positive evolution of the solutions offered to our customers. Amusingly in some instances, philosophies / techniques that have already been implemented for some time as part of the current solution offering, now are suddenly spotlighted as 'the new' way to go and labeled as such on the market.

Which markets are you mainly responsible for?

As I jokingly say; Worldwide (with the exception of the Americas): anywhere between Iceland to the west and New Zealand to the east (with the exclusion of the predominantly German speaking countries Germany/Switzerland/Austria ["DACH"]).

Are there differences between the markets? If so, can you give us one or two examples?

The solutions NCP offer typically address specific requirements which are the same for the markets.  Primary differences can be found in aligning timescales and expectations for the implementation, training and pre-/post (installation) support.  Some markets the urgency to implement is high whereas others the journey towards this waypoint takes a lot longer requiring more patience to get there. 

Customer interactions involving different cultural backgrounds and perspectives also make meetings and projects interesting.