NCP Talk with Julia - our new colleague in marketing

Tell us a bit about yourself:

In my professional career as a consultant and project manager, I have been able to gain many different insights into customer service, process optimization, and project management in a wide variety of areas. I am an enthusiastic organizer - which as a mother of three children, with lots of hobbies, energy, and a high potential for conflict, I shouldn't be lacking.

You've been with NCP for almost exactly one month now. How have you settled in?

For me, NCP is a completely new industry. The many acronyms and new terms have made my brain feel like it’s going to explode in no time at all. I feel a bit like my son when learning his first foreign language. Except that so far, I haven't had to worry about being quizzed at work the next day!

From the very beginning, the NCP team has been exceptionally helpful in addressing any questions or issues. Even though I am slowly becoming familiar with the new terminology, my notebook is still far from full.

What are the first few days at NCP like? How does onboarding work?

The onboarding process is very structured. You receive a clear plan and are provided with all the basic company information. This gives you a good overview of all departments right from the start and you quickly get to know many different colleagues. I found myself creating an extra category in my notebook for the numerous new names I need to learn.

From the very first day, I had the opportunity to attend meetings and become familiar with NCP's daily routine.

Do you want to pass something on to those who are yet to start their first day at NCP?

Since I was not at home in the IT cosmos: Treat yourself to a vocabulary before your first day! Everything else will be provided from day one, including a laptop, headset, fresh fruit, water, coffee, and a welcome pack at your desk. You'll even receive a NCP shirt!

The marketing department has so many different projects. Which ones do you enjoy the most?

I like to work on projects from start to finish and enrich them with my ideas.

Teamwork and team spirit are crucial not only in sports but also in the workplace. How important do you rate these topics for successful teamwork in work life?

As an enthusiastic sportswoman, I believe that for a team to succeed, every member must be involved in training. However, as an individual sportswoman, I am convinced that the best approach to training is for everyone to follow their own individual training program. It is important to look around and assess who needs help, and who is passing by, because ultimately, crossing the finish line is a collective effort. Celebrating every success together at the finish line makes the whole experience worthwhile!

Last but not least, a brief look into the future. What are your goals at NCP?

I'm still looking for my NCP sports team for the next half marathon because my jogging pace hasn’t been this slow for a long time. After all, you can only be successful as a team.

And of course: adding a vocabulary to my starter pack.