NCP Talk with our product management team

In today's issue of NCP Talk, we are talking to the NCP product management team. Both Stephanie and Manuel have worked in product and project management at various companies. Together, they have years of experience and are just the right people to answer our questions.

NCP Talk with Student Intern Vivien Graf

Vivien studies sociology at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität-Erlangen-Nürnberg in Erlangen. When she is not studying, she enjoys meeting her friends and playing tennis. During the two months of her internship at NCP, she worked in the field of Human Resources and Employer ...

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VPN, remote access, secure data communication, connectivity and protection against cybercrime are not new to businesses and consumers concerned with IT security, although some aspects may have become more familiar during the coronavirus pandemic. IT security and privacy are becoming ever more important in times of universal connectivity and mobility due to the flexibility of the Internet.

In our NCP blog, we want to spotlight the world of network security through expert articles, breaking news and comprehensive analysis on:

  • VPN technology
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In the NCP category, you can find out more about our company and our values by getting to know the faces, team and stories behind NCP in Nuremberg.

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